Five Reasons Why: The Wonderful Weekday Wedding

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There are many benefits of choosing a weekday wedding, with few drawbacks. At Hayne House, we can see why the appeal of getting married on a weekday is growing. Whilst Fridays and Saturdays remain ever popular, due to the notion that a wedding ‘should be on the weekend’, we’re seeing a rise in the wedding world for weekday weddings.

There are many reasons why this may be the case, for example, couples going for significant dates such as their existing anniversary, notably quirky palindrome dates (12.02.2021, 12.11.21) or using wedding numerology to bring good luck to their day!

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What is a Weekday Wedding?

A weekday wedding refers to any day from Sunday to Thursday, excluding Bank Holidays. Which are classed by most venues as “weekday weddings”.

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider a Weekday Wedding:

1.    Cost Effective

Let’s face facts; one of the main factors you will consider for your wedding is the cost, and a major benefit of the weekday wedding is down to budgeting and saving money.

On average, you save around 20 to 25% on the wedding venue, without compromising on the level of service received nor on any of the smaller details from your venue such as catering or drinks, which tend to remain the same price no matter which day of the week you marry on.

A weekday wedding will allow you to still choose a date in the summer months, hoping to ensure good weather (it is still Britain after all) but saving on those budgets.

2.    Supplier Availability

Remember that amazing florist or photographer you found on Instagram, who is probably booked every weekend from now until 2024. Well, chances are if you’re opting for a Wednesday or Thursday wedding, there might be that perfect gap in their busy schedule. Some suppliers (but certainly not all) will even offer a small discount for Monday -Thursday weddings in the hope of filling their calendar.

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3.    Minimum Numbers

You might also find that your venue has a smaller minimum guest number for weekday weddings. At Hayne House we are seeing more couples searching for a venue where they can have an intimate day with close family and friends and then can afford a bigger party in the evening. Read our blog on how to plan a perfect intimate wedding here.

4.    Guestlist

Whilst we’re on the subject of guests, a weekday wedding can often be a concern regarding guest availability, you might be wondering if your guests are available or can take the time off work.

However, with the average wedding being booked around 18 months in advance, as long as you are sending out those Save-the-Dates early enough, the guests who you are concerned about not being able to make it should be able to make themselves available on your special day. You are giving them plenty of notice to book their annual leave and make arrangements!

Alternatively, this can also benefit the opposite way if you are attempting to keep your guest list down, say to the venue minimum numbers, as some guests who perhaps aren’t your nearest and dearest may opt not to take the time off, but at least they were invited, yes?!

5.    Dream Décor

Whether you have been dreaming of this wedding day since you were 5 years old or since last week, you want this wedding to reflect you and your partner. What theme or style or colour scheme, shows your true personalities? Saving on budget by opting for a weekday, means splashing out on upgraded glassware or a photo booth in the evening or that perfect flower arch for the ceremony.

Splash out on decor instead of a Saturday and have the wedding you are dreaming of…

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Considering where to spend your money and being smart about the things that are important to you is the best way to spend your day. Choosing a weekday wedding means you can afford to have that next-level photographer or the photobooth in the evening that you have always dreamed of!

Following the above five tips and benefits of a weekday wedding, will definitely mean you have saved on that budget. Think of that one dress you fell in love with which was a bit above your price range, or spoil yourselves and upgrade to business class for those honeymoon flights. Or simply, upgrade your drinks package to include an unlimited hour drinks reception, keeping your guests happy whilst you have photos taken.


So, why not follow in Hayne House’s unique footsteps and consider yourself a weekday wedding couple? Create your dream day without compromising on anything. You could even opt for a late availability wedding and make your cost saving even bigger.

Hayne House could be the eco-chic, exclusive-use countryside backdrop to your special day, enquire and book a viewing now or visit one of our styled Open Days.