Short Guide To Planning Your Picture-Perfect Intimate Wedding 

Here at Hayne House, we are full of tips and tricks of how to make your intimate wedding day a whole lot more special.

As of today, we are absolutely delighted that our small wedding days have resumed! Seeing all our couples happy and excited about their weddings has re-established to us just how important weddings are. 

Get out your checklists, who knew keeping it small could be so fun!

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The Guest List:

When writing your guest list, the best advice we can give you is, please don’t worry! There is no shame in only inviting your nearest and dearest, whether that be family or friends, or a mixture of both.

The ultimate upside is that the guests that do get invited, feel very honoured to be part of your day. A key thing to remember; is to choose people who mean the most to you and who you want to be alongside you on the most important day of your lives.

Send special letters of love:

For the guests you are unable to invite, why not send them a personal letter? Just because you are choosing to have a small intimate wedding, doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to those who would have ended up on a larger guest list. If you want to think more sustainably, you could always make a website or send an electronic personalised letter for people to be surprised with post-wedding.


The devil is in the detail:

If you are a couple who love the finer things and cannot wait to start thinking about flowers, centrepieces and cake, then intimate wedding venues can make this ten times more interesting for you! By having a smaller number of guests, your décor can become more personal and have a sentimental touch to it. Our fabulous suppliers, Chic and Locate to Create have honed their love of all things small and cosy! They have a ton of inspiration and can help your decor dreams come to life.

Bride and groom at an intimate wedding


If you are worried that having a wedding of just 30 people will mean having to listen to knives and forks on plates, then fear not! Our handpicked DJ’s The Wedding Chaps have come up will a brilliant solution to this problem. Whilst celebrating all things small and special, their plan B package also involves those who cannot be there on the day, as well as creating a great atmosphere that your guests will love and remember for years to come.

Truly Scrumptious

The one highlight of a wedding is of course the food! Our caterer’s love working with you to create a unique bespoke menu; therefore, the decisions are truly in your hands. With a smaller guest list, why not choose different dishes that your guests won’t have tried before? Or if you are having just family, why not replicate a family favourite?

Having a small wedding makes it a definite that you and your guests can enjoy the full experience of fine detail of amazing high class service and delightful food and wine.

Your wedding day

In our experience at Hayne House, we can honestly say that having a small wedding doesn’t make for a less beautiful one. We have experienced days packed full of love and our brides and grooms have been relaxed due to the lack of pressure from smaller numbers.

We have realised that, in fact, it enables you to bring your guests together more easily as you get more one to one time with your wedding party and with each other. The ambience of not having to compete for your guest’s time is also key, rather than having a summer packed full of weddings, yours will be a highlight in this time of restrictions.

Here at Hayne House we are dedicated to making your intimate wedding day special and magical, whether that be for a restricted number of guests or not.