Hayne house twilight wedding

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of a Twilight Wedding Ceremony under the celestial canopy of twinkling stars!

It’s the gateway to an unconventional yet deeply romantic and relaxed celebration that transcends traditional formalities associated with an all-day wedding. Dive into this unique wedding trend, discovering all there is to know about twilight weddings. Ideal for couples seeking a departure from conventional celebrations, a twilight wedding commences after 5 pm, seamlessly intertwining the ceremony and reception, skipping the traditional wedding breakfast. A twilight package is ideal for those desiring an intimate, cost-effective celebration without the full-day commitment.

At Hayne House, Twilight Weddings are available Monday to Thursday throughout summer and any day of the week outside British Summer Time.

The Twilight Wedding Schedule A typical twilight wedding follows this order of events:

  • 3 pm: Access to the Former Hunting Lodge
  • 4 pm – 5.00 pm: Guests arrive for pre-wedding drinks
  • 5 pm: Guests take their seats for your Twilight wedding ceremony
  • 5:30 pm: Drinks Reception featuring Sunset Bellinis
  • 9 pm: Evening Reception with a relaxed informal buffet
  • TBC: Golden Hour photographs (check your date) https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/golden-hour.html
  • 11:30 pm: Last Orders
  • Midnight: Carriages


  1.     Budget-Friendly: Twilight weddings offer good value for couples on a tighter budget
  2.     Captivating Images: Capture breathtaking moments against a golden sunset or moonlit backdrop
  3.     Longer Evening Reception: Enjoy less waiting time and more time for celebrating with loved ones
  4.     Fairy-Tale Ambiance: The golden sunset glow or moonlit moments add a touch of magic
  5.     Starry Romance: Exchange vows under twinkling stars for a unique and unforgettable experience
A couple take a romantic walk down the woodland walk at Hayne House


1. Research and Discover the Right Venue: Explore venues that offer twilight wedding packages. Look for locations that align with your vision and preferences for a twilight celebration. Consider factors such as location, setting, available amenities, and the package inclusions offered by each venue.

2. Schedule a Visit During Winter Months: Plan a visit to the venue during the winter months, preferably in the late afternoon or early evening, to assess the lighting and overall ambience. Winter months, with shorter days and earlier sunsets, accurately represent how your twilight wedding might look and feel. Pay close attention to how the venue looks during these hours and visualise how the ceremony and reception areas will appear in the evening light.

3. Choose a venue with onsite accommodation:  As everyone is going to be arriving at the venue later in the day, make sure your wedding venue also has onsite accommodation for your nearest and dearest.

4. Booking Your Twilight Wedding: Once you’ve selected the perfect venue and secured your twilight wedding package. Work closely with the venue’s coordinator or event planner to tailor the setting to your preferences. Discuss your vision for the ambience, whether it’s creating an atmosphere with enchanting fairy lights, lanterns, and faux candles or any other decorative elements that enhance the twilight setting.

5. Embracing Sustainable Décor: Opting for reusable, natural or sustainable décor items and avoiding excessive single-use plastics or materials can enhance the eco-friendly aspect of your twilight wedding.

6. Consider Comfort Elements: Don’t overlook the comfort of your guests amidst the twilight setting. As the evening progresses and temperatures drop, consider providing a basket of blankets or throws for guests to keep warm that can be given as gifts afterward. This thoughtful addition ensures guests’ comfort and adds a cozy touch to the romantic twilight atmosphere.

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