Top Wedding Podcasts! Tune into your wedding planning…

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Listening to podcasts about anything and everything has become the norm for most people. We simply love them in the office at Hayne House! So why should planning your wedding be any different?

When you are starting the task of planning your wedding, it can be a little daunting no matter how excited you are. If you don’t feel like browsing on Instagram or the Internet forever, then listening to wedding podcasts will help you learn the current trends and get your creative mind going!

There are some fabulous wedding podcasts that you can listen to on the go to help your wedding planning become as easy as possible.

Rock My Wedding

Starting off strong with the team at Rock My Wedding. Co-hosts Charlotte and Becky are full of inspiration and have some fantastic guests from their recommended suppliers. With over 40 episodes, there are lots to choose from and are perfect to put on whilst at the gym or doing jobs around the house.

This podcast is very easily digestible and broken down for you, therefore if you are only interested in finding out more about table décor or how much alcohol to have at your wedding you can! These ladies will help you plan your wedding, learn about the wedding industry, and discuss topics such as ‘Can I have a Feminist Wedding?’ So make sure to have a pen at hand.

The Woman Getting Married

Despite the title of this podcast, this podcast gives the unique twist of he said/she said take. Co-hosted by the wonderful Lindsey Jones who is the founder and editor, and her hubby Cory. This duo breaks down all the wedding taboos which many husband-and-wife teams end up discussing when planning their wedding.

With a mix of Q&As as well as poignant episodes such as should you ask your wedding guests if they are vaccinated, this American podcast really does tackle the harder questions in planning a 21st-century wedding.

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The Wedding People

If you fancy a local take on wedding planning, Kent based wedding planner Rebecca Brennan Brown is one of the co-hosts of this superb podcast. Alongside her, Rianna is another fantastic event planner who helps to break down weddings with a wedding planner’s intricate eye.

They have many episodes, some of which helps you define your budget and others which see them side by side with websites such as Hitched. They also have quite a few surprise guests many of whom are on Hayne House’s suppliers list!


Australian Aleisha set out to make wedding planning stress free when she started Bridechilla, hence the name! Sadly, she made the decision in Spring 2021 that she wouldn’t be making any new Bridechilla podcasts, however she is keeping the back catalogue of over 300 episodes online and free for couples to listen too.

This podcast is wedding planning with a real powerful feminine kick to it! So, if you are feeling self-conscious about body image or getting overwhelmed by family politics surrounding your wedding, then this podcast is like a breath of fresh air.

The Bouquet Toss

This wedding podcast is all about having candid conversations and being able to plan your day your way, which is one of our mottos at Hayne House! Hosted by the lovely Jessica and Sari who are founders of the Budget Savvy Bride, this podcast comes with a big community of help and advice.

They tackle traditions such as choosing to have a white dress or whether to do a bouquet toss, and they showcase new ideas such as the rental revolution so there is lots to learn whilst giving this podcast a listen.

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