Just engaged? Congratulations, what should you do next?!

Congratulations you’ve said YES!  You are now engaged to be married and we are guessing that the next 48 hours might feel like a total whirlwind and even after that you might still be in a bit of shock and of course you can’t stop staring at your hand!

At Hayne House, we understand that even though you might have been thinking about this moment for years, the wedding bells, might just put you in a surprisingly glorious spin.

So, we thought we would write a helpful essential reading for recently engaged couples, as we want you to capture and savour this moment – one of the most fun and exciting times you have together.

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Credit - Andre Jackson

Top ten tips when you have just said “Yes”:

  1. Call Home.
    Don’t forget to ‘phone home!’ Before posting on your social media, sometimes it is wise to give your family and close friends a call first so they hear it from you direct and get to celebrate and hear the squeals of joy!
  2. Go live on social media!
    Once you have enjoyed telling your family and close friends write a caption together ready to GO-LIVE on social media, with a ring selfie. You might want something cute, sweet and or funny, here are a few ideas;

    • ‘We are all loved up’
    • ‘YES, we are going to get hitched’
    • ‘I said Yes!’
    • ‘Wow, my right hand feels sooooo very heavy’
    • ‘Wifey to be!’
    • ‘Hubby to be!’
    • ‘Pop the champagne’
    • ‘Pop the bubbly, it’s all happening here!
    • ‘Spot the difference?’
    • ‘Pinching myself’
    • ‘The easiest Yes I’ve ever said’
    • ‘I said, yes, yes, YES’
    • ‘Pass the tissues, I said YES!’
    • ‘Life just got a bit more sparkly’
    • ‘Ringing in the New Year!’
    • ‘Engaged sure does have a good ‘ring’ to it’
    • and simply our favourite #WereEngagedToBeMarried’
Credit - Seth Reese
  1. Prepare a one liner statement for when your family and friends call, message etc. Inevitably, despite just announcing your engagement surprisingly everyone is going to ask you, have you made plans – of course not!
    We recommend answering with something like;“We are so excited at the moment, our feet haven’t touches the ground so we haven’t booked anything yet, but we just know we want something casual, with a green vibe, modern and bright, but open to ideas!” – that way you give an idea of what you are planning without making any solid commitments, and you might get a great recommendation!
  1. Book an engagement shoot.
    Book an engagement shoot with a photographer that you have perhaps been stalking on Instagram, or someone a friend recommends – that way if you love the photos you know you will be in good hands on your wedding day!
Credit - Steve Barber
  1. Celebrate your engagement.
    Round up your friends for some celebration drinks or plan an engagement party…. we know a wonderful venue that can take up to 150 for an evening ‘bash’!
  2. Talk dates and what’s important to you.
    This might include:
  • How quickly you want to get married, do you want a last minute wedding?
  • Do you want a destination wedding, for instance if you live in Canada or Australia do you want to marry at one of your parents’ home e.g. in Kent, England?
  • What season do you want to get married? Is Winter or Spring calling your name?
  • Do you want a long or short engagement?
  • When is the best time to get married? This differs for everyone, perhaps you would like to get married on a particular anniversary or maybe you just want a Christmas themed wedding? Pick a year, month and day of the week to get started.
  • Guest numbers and discuss whether you want guests to bring children?
Credit - Shelby Ellis Photography
  1. And breathe. If you want a long engagement, take a breather and take your foot off the pedal, but you can still do a bit of wedding venue search in the background!
  2. Research venues online together. Use online platforms like Instagram, Hitched, Bridebook, Coco Weddings and look at blogs such as Whimsical Wonderland Weddings to find your perfect venue.  Think of words for Google search engines that resonates with you, like:
  • green vibe, eco-chic and sustainable wedding venue
  • modern wedding venue
  • contemporary wedding venue
  • elegant wedding venue
  • exclusive use wedding venue

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9. Choose around three to four wedding venues and book a show around.
Our recommendation is visit wedding venues on your own (don’t take parents to first visits), but do take a list of questions! Is it always handy to ask:

  • Do you have a wet weather continency?
  • How flexible is the venue e.g. do we have to follow the venues set times?
  • What time is last orders?
  • What are the food options, for Instance could you include a grazing station for your evening guests?
  • What is included in the venues wedding packages?
  • What is the payment procedure if you want to book?
  • Does the price quoted include VAT?

10. Book your perfect wedding venue.
Once you have booked your perfect wedding venue then it’s time to start designing and sending out Your Save The Date invites – but that’s a whole other part of planning a wedding! Did you know that Hayne House is situated at the perfect distance from locations like Ashford, Folkestone, Dover, Whitstable, Canterbury and many more!