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The Perfect Ring Selfie

If you’re reading this then, we are going to guess that you are probably recently engaged, so if you haven’t already, time to take the perfect ring selfie!

We want to say a massive congratulations from Hayne House, we hope it was as magical and romantic as you’d always dreamt it to be. Of course, the next step is to tell the world, so we are here to let you know how to do it right.

We have put together the top 10 tips to help you get your perfect ring selfie in style.

Credit - Golden Hare Photography


You simply must have a beautiful background but don’t let it take away from the main event. A nice backdrop or a special location can make for a little added extra and highlight your ring in the best way.
However, you might choose the background to tell the story of the engagement, it could be where they proposed, or a special place to the both of you.


To get the perfect shot and capture all the details, there is only one thing which works, natural light. Make sure you choose the best time of day; you don’t want a harsh sunlight or it being too bright as that won’t flatter your ring or hand. The ideal time is just when the sun is setting, to make sure you get the golden hour of beautiful light.

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Getting the right angle is key and ties in with having the best light. You need to make sure you hand isn’t in shadow and the light is behind your hand to get the best picture. You don’t want the glare on your diamonds now do you? Having a slighter higher angle will give more depth to your picture.


Get your nails done! This is possibly one of the most important things to do. It will make a massive difference to your photo and will be noticeable if it isn’t right. Whether you do them yourself or choose to get a mani from a salon, make your nails pop by adding something a little special to the nail on your ring finger.

Credit - Golden Hare Photography


Whilst we believe in taking lots of photos and experimenting with what works best, but when uploading that perfect ring selfie to Instagram, our advice is to only upload one amazing one and make an impact!


There is something heart-warming about not overusing a filter and actually portraying reality. Instagram has seen a rise in a love of all things candid and this works brilliantly for ring selfie’s as it makes your picture relaxed.

Though this maybe fairly obvious, your ring needs to be nice and clean for your perfect engagement photo. Make sure you give it a little polish or get it professionally cleaned; it will make sure your stone sparkles.

Zooming can ruin a photo as it can affect the quality of an image. It is best to get closer and use a variety of angles. There is no shame in getting someone to help you take the perfect shot. Or if you want to keep it private, use a tripod.

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Becca and Gareth by Carla Guest Photography

Keep it short and keep it sweet. Simple is best. Maybe lyrics from your favourite song to dance to together, or a quote that sums up your relationship? Or a simple, “I said yes” always goes down a nice treat. Here is our top five favourites –

  1. Will I ever stop smiling? Probably not.
  2. He stole my heart, so I’m stealing his name.
  3. Fat diamond check.
  4. Next trip? Honeymoon!
  5. Engaged sure does have a ring to it.

Using flash on your photos will cause the light to bounce off the stone in your photo and mean that lookers can’t see it in all it’s glory! Stick to natural light, and always add a cheeky filter to give it that ‘glow.’

So now you know how to take the perfect ring selfie, tag us in your photos on instagram @haynehouseweddingvenuekent.

We can’t wait to see your #perfectringselfie!


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