Birthday Celebrations: The Orangery Turns 2!

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The team at Hayne House can’t believe that this April (2020) sees us – and all the amazing couples who have held their weddings at Hayne House in Kent (thank you) – celebrate the Orangery’s second birthday on April 20th 2020.

As we all know, there are many ways to celebrate birthdays that includes opening a bottle of bubbly, eating a slice of birthday cake, or going out to dinner, a romantic walk in the Kent Countryside but we thought to celebrate we would remind us all of what has been achieved since its launch, celebrate the colour orange and add some fresh fruit to your romantic wedding décor!

The First Orangery Wedding

Hayne House Timeline:

  • Friday 20th April 2018 the Launch Party or the Eco-chic, sustainable Orangery for all booked couples. The sun was out, canapes were served and the champagne corks popped as couples saw for the first time their beautiful wedding venue
  • Thursday 26th April 2018, we held the first exclusive wedding in the Orangery, thank you Grace & Ben
  • 1st May 2018 the Woodland path was finished and adorned with festoon lighting making it a must photo spot for couples during their evening
  • Within the 35 acres estate we have moved offices twice!
  • 1st March 2019 Launched three new ensuite bedrooms in The Hunting Lodge, so now in total there are six bedrooms in the former Hunting Lodge and five at Froggies
  • 31st March 2020 The Pamper Cottage is a new addition, making getting ready so much more fun
  • 14th November 2020 Achieved a Highly Commended at the Kent Wedding Awards for our sustainable wedding venue
  • 31st March 2020 The Pavilion and path will be complete making your outdoor wedding at Hayne House not only more beautiful but more sustainable!
  • Looking forward: Scott Anderson Caterers joins us as our sole caterer from the end of June 2020 here is a link to their yummy new

So, to celebrate the launch of the Orangery we thought we celebrate all things Orange.

What is it about the colour Orange?

The colour orange is a blend of flamboyant hot red and a calming happy yellow.  It is a colour that represents happiness and is associated with creativity, determination, enthusiasm, enjoyment, fun, heat, health, joy, passion, pleasure, stimulation, success, sunshine, warmth, wellness, wealth and is often associated with hot summer days but also russet orange portrays the changing seasons from autumn to winter perfectly.

Orange is a common colour found in citrus fruit and is often associated with Vitamin C and a healthy diet and we understand that too little orange can lead to loss of motivation, lower self-esteem, and loneliness so come on lets add some orange to your wedding – here are some amazing uses we have seen of it over the last two years to inspire your wedding styling.

What colours work well with Orange for your wedding decor?

Choosing the perfect wedding colour scheme for your big day can be taxing as ideally it needs to reflect your personality as well as bring out the best in your wedding venue.  So, here are some of our favourite orange colour combination duos (as we love couples) that will bring guaranteed sunshine to your wedding day and will inevitably make your guests smile…

  • Orange and blue are a classic combination as they are complimentary colours.
  • Orange and teal, totally dreamy!
  • Orange and copper combined with yellow conjures up feelings of heat and fire, as well as fresh fruit.
  • Citrus mandarin, tangerine or blood orange and green makes us think of the lushest of tropical décor
  • Orange and peach just makes the perfect bouquet
  • Orange and gold at Christmas will just make hearts melt
  • Burnt orange and mustard – sounds crazy but boy does it work!
  • Orange and gray – is so sophisticated.

A to Z fruity themed wedding?

Why not add fruit like bananas, blackberries, pomegranates and of course oranges to your wedding décor – fresh fruit is colourful, tasty, inexpensive and is a chic way to add colour into your wedding décor, along with texture, a different dimension and it might surprise and amuse your guests!

  • A Line your wedding aisle with fruit branches and fruit
  • B Your bouquet could combine orange colours but also a few carefully chosen pieces of fruit – don’t go over the top unless you’ve been weightlifting!
  • Orange is a lovely choice for bridesmaids with men using orange for their accessories from ties and pocket squares – we loved Charlotte and Matthews punchy looking outdoor wedding colours
  • Burnt orange buttonholes or add some berries (ones that won’t stain your grooms’ suit)
  • C Prepared by Andersons Orange and coriander sweet potato wedges with a fresh yogurt dip
  • Fruit centrepieces have become increasingly popular especially for summer weddings, but they can also be incorporated into spring, autumn and winter weddings.
  • Cheese Tower. Cumquats are the perfect tiny ‘oranges’ along with figs to decorate your cheese tower.
  • Chair dressings. Bows chair dressings have such an amazing array of chair dressings that can be hung and tied in various combinations along with some fruit say on the top table?
  • Drinks reception. To really get the celebrations started why not upgrade your drinks package by opting for the cocktail hour and give everyone bucks fizz, but with added fruit, yum!
  • Escort cards. Name cards of fruit or fruit shaped, what could be more perfect.    If you choose an orange wedding theme, nature is on your side, with a fabulous selection of brightly coloured blooms that start with stunning tulips in spring and ends with rusting leaves.
  • F Being a Kent based Wedding Venue, why not use fruit for your favours, like small paper bags full of locally grown cherries, so pretty!
  • Grooms men’s socks. Orange or fruity motif socks are a must, especially if your new surname is going to be Zesty!
  • Hair piece. Why not include some fruit berries in your hair piece
  • I Your invitations and stationery could all be decorated in fruity detail, after all your wedding breakfast will be served in an Orangery!
  • J For your evening private shots with your photographer, have your jacket personalised with your favourite ‘five a day’ fruit
  • Kilner Jars. Pack Kilner Jars full of fruit to indicate what your guests are drinking
Emma Migden Photography
  • L In the summer why not upgrade and add a homemade lemonade drink station to keep everyone cool as they arrive before your ceremony
  • M Your macaroons could be served with tea and coffee after your wedding breakfast
  • N To really make your Wedding Breakfast tables pop we love adding coloured napkins, as they really can add some heat and spice up the Orangery!
  • Outdoor wedding. Decorate your aisle chair ends with small bunches of fruit
  • P We can’t wait to see the pavilion all decorated with roses and adorned with bunches of grapes
  • Quiet time. At Hayne House we recommend you grab five minutes alone and enjoy a refreshing glass of orange juice, apparently it stops your mouth drying out during speeches!
  • R Adorn the new sustainably built brand new pavilion with various orange coloured ribbons.
  • Sweetie table. Orange coloured candy sticks and Orange jellybeans – we love a ‘toned’ sweetie table
  • Table styling. Have you thought about incorporating fruit into your wedding breakfast table displays to give texture and dimension?
  • U If you think it’s going to rain on your big day, along with your personalised jacket why not include a personalised fruit embellished umbrella – it will look perfect with your other fruit inspired attire
  • V Have your vows printed on paper to match your other fruity stationery
  • Wedding cake – fruit can go inside and out!
  • Wedding heels – orange velvet shoes peeping out from under your dress, to add that bit of fun!
  • X Your guests might think you are a little eccentric adding fruit to your table décor but believe us they will never forget your wedding décor!
  • Young guests. For young guests find sweeties that are only fruit based with no artificial colours or flavourings
  • Zesty wedding. Mix and match yellows, oranges and grapefruit pink into your day rather than sticking to one fruit.

But when using fruit for your wedding décor here are some points to remember.

  • Choose long lasting fruits such as oranges and lemons as they won’t fade or turn over the course of your wedding day
  • Keep the fruit on their stalks for added freshness
  • Preserve your fruit by dipping it in gold paint, glitter or sugar to add sparkle or texture and to hide any bruising (as we did for one of our very first styled shoots).
Olegs Samsonov Photography

Book a viewing of our beautifully bespoke Orangery now, and find your dream eco-chic wedding venue in Kent.