Chiqas Music + Hayne House = The perfect match!


Are you debating whether to have a band play as you walk down the aisle? Or maybe you want to spice up your drinks reception? Clodagh, founder of Chiqas Music, has sat down and taken over the blog to tell us about why they love playing during the day at Hayne House.

Credit - Rebecca Carpenter

A Little Bit About Us…

We are a string-based group of female musicians performing as a string quartet, trio and duo, with the addition of our acoustic drum and option of adding a singer. We are all classically trained at the UK’s top music conservatoires and specialise in playing current pop music. We pride ourselves in providing a unique, varied setlist (exclusive to Chiqas) with over 500 songs to choose from. Our groups can expand or condense to your taste, to ensure we provide you with your perfect soundtrack to your wedding day.


We adore thinking outside the box with the songs we have to offer, and with our in-house musical arranger, we offer bespoke arrangements of songs that we might not already have on our setlist that you want played. I LOVE hearing couple’s song choices that is just their perfect playlist, and the more ‘out there’ the song request, the better (there is literally nothing our arranger can’t write, literally nothing!)  You want some light classical music for your music before the wedding as your guests come in, followed by ‘My Humps’ played at the drinks reception? No problem, we got you covered!

Why we love working at Hayne House…

I was delighted to be asked to do a guest blog for Hayne House, as we truly love playing there. The beautiful orangery, the gardens and the ceremony areas are idyllic to play in, and the acoustics in the building are stunning. We have had the privilege of playing many times at Hayne House for weddings and events and every time it fills us with joy to play in such a gorgeous venue. Playing at Hayne House in the summertime is my favourite, having the gardens filled with our music in the sunshine is perfection.

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Why have live daytime music at your wedding…

I think everyone has different songs or melodies that they relate to different memories, or people. Music is such a powerful and emotive way to celebrate any special occasion, and an immensely personal thing to have at your wedding day. With over 500 songs on our setlist, I give our couples full control over what songs they choose to have for each part of their wedding day, so it is essentially like a soundtrack to your relationship and lives together.

If you have ‘a song’ having this played by live musicians during your ceremony is a truly unforgettable moment. Music truly does set the scene and mood of any event; surprising your partner with a special arrangement of a song you both love or getting the party started in your drinks reception with all your favourite bangers. Live music of course also provides immense entertainment for your guests, but for me, the most important thing on a wedding day is the couple. After you have sat together to go through our setlist and choose all your favourite music to then hear it at each different part of your day will guarantee that when you think back to your day you will remember certain songs at certain parts.

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Having musicians play at your ceremony is an essential part of the day in my opinion as it sets the atmosphere of a truly magical, romantic moment (or any other type of vibe you want to set- we’ve done Disney themed weddings, classical weddings, Harry Potter themed weddings, romantic, rock themed, the list goes on!). Then you can really get the party started with your favourite tunes being played either as a central point of your drink’s reception, or as light background music. There has not been a dry eye during the ceremonies we have performed in at Hayne House if the couple have chosen romantic songs, and guests ALWAYS dance and sing along to the bangers they recognise in the drink’s reception.

Versatility in our group is something that has always been very important to me both as a musician and as a supplier- I want to make sure there is a genre of music for everyone and wanted to ensure we weren’t just your average string quartet. Who doesn’t want to hear Billie Eilish being played by a live string quartet? The element of surprise at weddings has always been my favourite, with the guests being so shocked to hear us start off playing classical music, then moving to more romantic music during the ceremony, to playing ‘The Darkness’ during the drinks reception! Live music is definitely something you will never regret having at your day.

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