Your twelve hour wedding day countdown

Here at Hayne House, we understand that, having a 12-hour wedding count-down will help you to get the most out of your big day

Whilst these times are not set in stone, they are a guide if you are planning on a 2 pm ceremony, to make sure that you and your guests get the most out of your cherished day.


The Morning of your wedding

On the day of your wedding, we know you will probably be awake early, with the anticipation for your big day. We advise that despite how excited you are that you make room for breakfast! At Hayne House, with our green hat on, we recommend responsibly caught smoked salmon, fresh free-range eggs and avocado, it’s delicious. You could always have a glass of champagne too!

9:00 am

Check in to the fabulous Pamper Cottage, along with your bride tribe and your hair and makeup artist. Hang up your dresses, get out the bubbly, and remember to bring a steamer if you need one! We love a bit of recycling so don’t be afraid to leave all your cardboard and glass out for us.

10:00 am

If they didn’t arrive with you at 9.00 am, then the rest of your bridesmaids should be walking down the Woodland Path about now – along with your amazing photographer, to capture those all-important getting ready moments. Don’t forget to ask for beautiful detail shots of dresses, shoes and lovely bouquets. Remember not to wear anything that will ruin your hair and makeup when you go to change into your dress. We love a zipper!

11:00 am 

Delve into a pamper cottage hamper, drink your champagne and basically relax with your tribe, knowing everything is being taken care of.

12:00 pm

If you’ve not already done it, this is a great time to give your bridesmaids their presents, especially if you would like them to wear their gifts on the day.

12:30 pm

If not staying at Froggies, the Groom, best man and ushers should be making their way to Hayne House. Greeted by one of the team, you can keep your eye out for them from the pamper cottage for a sneak peak!

Tip – Let the photographer get some detail shots of the men too, such as their buttonholes.

1:00 pm

The Registrars usually arrive around an hour before your wedding ceremony.

They take around 10 minutes to complete their necessary paperwork. Then the Registrars will want to meet with the groom, best man, anyone doing any readings, witnesses and who is giving the bride away.

Whilst this is happening your ushers are there to welcome guests and make sure they know that the bar closes 20 minutes before the ceremony!

Also it is time to put on the dresses, remember to always start with the bridesmaids.

1:40 pm

The registrars will make their way to the Pamper Cottage, to sign the necessary legal paperwork.

Handy tip: It is a good idea to have your wedding dress on before the registrars enter the Pamper Cottage. By having your dress on it gives you time, after the bridesmaids have left, to make those last-minute adjustments to your hair and makeup.

1:50 pm

It is time to take a deep breath and have a moment with whoever is giving you a way. It is a big moment for them too.

1:55 pm

It is time for the big moment, the part of the day that means you are legally married!

Mothers of the couple tend to take their seats. Then the Wedding Coordinator will signal for the processional music to start. Flower girls and page boys tend to go first down the aisle followed by bridesmaids. And then it’s time to make your entrance. Enjoy!

Handy tip: Don’t forget to put your phone onto aeroplane mode so someone doesn’t call during the ceremony!

2:30 pm

Make your way down the aisle into the sitting room where we will serve you your first glass of bubbles enabling you to enjoy five minutes together before the celebrations begin in earnest.

Meanwhile, your Wedding Coordinator will be ushering everyone onto the patio for the iconic sustainable confetti shot. We will then come and get you, but only when everyone is lined up and ready. Then it is time for photos, whilst your guests enjoy the bar (or upgraded unlimited drinks) and canapés.

3:45 pm

Guests will be called in to sit down for dinner.

4:00 pm

Enjoy your grand entrance and don’t forget to milk it!

Then the wedding breakfast is served. If you are having a three-course meal, allow around an hour and a half for service.

5:30 pm

Speeches time! Usually, after dining, the Father of the bride goes first, then the groom and then the best man, but it is entirely up to you, you could have it in song!

Take a look at Scott Anderson’s scrumptious menu here…

6:00 pm

This is always a nice time to have some more private photos together and refresh hair and makeup, or even change into a second outfit!

7:00 pm

Your evening guests start to arrive.

7:30 pm

It is time to cut the cake, followed by your time to boogie a.k.a The First Dance. 

This is a big moment for you, so go for it! No doubt, you’ll have poured over your first dance song for months. If you are nervous, ask the DJ or band to invite friends and family on to the dance floor halfway through.

9 pm – a whole 12 hours later!

After your evening buffet has been served, mark the day with the Wedding Chap’s DJ and have a sparkler ‘send-off ‘.

Handy tip! Take a few moments to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the wonderful 12 hours you have just created together.

11:15 pm

Unless you have purchased a late-night licence, last orders are called – so time for that last dance and a farewell to your guests.

11:30 pm

Make your way to the former Hunting Lodge to the honey-moon suite, leaving your party still on a high!