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Unveiling the magic: what is a Wedding Venue Open Day and why should I attend?

The step towards a dream wedding begins with a crucial step – after getting engaged, your focus will need to shift to finding the perfect wedding venue. Enter the world of Wedding Venue Open Days, an essential part of the wedding planning process. But what exactly is a Wedding Venue Open Day or Open House, and why should you make it a priority on your wedding planning checklist?

What is a Wedding Venue Open Day?

A Wedding Venue Open Day or Open House is an event hosted by a wedding venue to showcase its facilities, services, its ambience and to introduce you to its team. Created for couples planning their special day, typically, these events provide a fantastic opportunity for engaged couples to explore the venue and envision their wedding day as, more often than not, the venue will dress the key spaces.

Is there a difference between an Open Day and and Open House?

Yes, while both terms are used in the context of showcasing a wedding venue, there are distinctions between a Wedding Venue Open Day and an Open House.

Wedding Venue Open Day:

A Wedding Venue Open Day is a dedicated event hosted by a wedding venue like Hayne House on a specific date and time, often advertised in advance. During this event, the venue welcomes couples planning their weddings to visit, explore the facilities, and learn more about what the venue offers for weddings. There might be scheduled tours, vendor showcases, and interactions with the venue’s event team. It’s an opportunity for engaged couples to experience the venue firsthand and ask questions about hosting their wedding there.

Open House:

An Open House at a wedding venue is a broader event that might not specifically target couples planning weddings. It’s more general and can be hosted to showcase the venue to various audiences, including prospective corporate clients, neighbours, local vendors, or industry professionals. An Open House often has a more casual or drop-in format, where visitors can come in at their convenience during specified hours. The venue might still offer tours, showcase its facilities, and discuss wedding-related services, but the primary focus isn’t exclusively on couples planning weddings.

Hayne House Open day
Visit a Hayne House open day for your wedding – Photo Courtesy of Jade Greeenbrooke Photography

Take Away – Book a Tour!

In essence, a Wedding Venue Open Day is usually more tailored toward engaged couples specifically looking for a wedding venue and provides more specialised information and interactions centred around weddings, whereas an Open House might have a broader audience and a less wedding-focused approach. Therefore, if you are serious about looking for your perfect wedding venue here at Hayne House, we always recommend that you book an Open Day viewing tour so that you can ask the wedding coordinator questions.

What to expect at a Wedding Venue Open Day

  • Venue Tour: These events usually offer a guided tour of the entire venue, from ceremony spaces and reception spaces to gardens and amenities. If you are recently engaged, it’s a chance to visualize how your wedding might look in that setting, be it your colour theme and choice of flowers may vary.
  • Meet the Team: You’ll get to meet the venue’s event coordinators, perhaps the catering team, and other staff members who play a crucial role in making your wedding day seamless and magical.
  • Vendor Showcases: Often, venues collaborate with local vendors that they trust, like florists, photographers, and entertainment services. This offers a glimpse of potential partners for your big day.
  • Special Offers: Many venues provide exclusive offers or discounts for couples who book their wedding during or shortly after the Open Day.
  • Get inspired: If you are already booked at Hayne House, attending your wedding venue on an open day is the perfect moment to gather inspiration for your big day and explore how various decorations or themes can complement and enhance your chosen venue.
Wedding inspiration at Hayne House
Inspiring wedding decor for your wedding at Hayne House – Photo courtesy of Emma Collyer Photography

Why Should You Attend a Wedding Venue Open Day?

  • Visualize Your Day: Being physically present at the venue helps you visualize how your wedding will look. You’ll get a real feel for the ambience, size, and layout, aiding better decision-making.
  • Ask Questions: Open Days provide the opportunity to ask detailed questions about the venue, packages, and services directly to the venue staff.
  • Discover Add-Ons: Explore additional services or options the venue or vendors offer, such as unique services that can enhance your day.
  • Exclusive Deals: Taking advantage of special offers or discounts available exclusively during the Open Day can be cost-effective; just remember to ask the vendors!
  • Compare Venues: Attending multiple (usually, no more than three Open Days) allows you to compare different venues and make an informed decision based on what aligns best with your vision and how you were treated by the staff and vendors.
  • Connect with fellow couples. Venue open days provide an excellent opportunity to connect with other couples who are also considering booking the same venue as you or might even have booked it. It’s a chance to exchange ideas, share helpful suggestions, and even swap supplier details. Instead of viewing other couples as competition, consider it as an opportunity to gather valuable information and hopefully receive some back!
  • Planning a wedding is meant to be enjoyable and joyous. What could be a better way to spend a day than exploring a wedding venue? Make the most of it by turning it into a day trip—perhaps visit the coast. We are just five minutes from Hythe Beach or, in our case, we recommend securing a table at the MICHELIN STAR 2023 & 3 AA ROSETTES 2023 Restaurant Hide & Fox Home | Hide and Fox | New and Exciting Saltwood Restaurant in Kent

Who should attend an Open Day with you?

Deciding who to take to a Wedding Venue Open Day is entirely up to you. However, if it’s your first viewing at Hayne House, we recommend it’s just you two. However, if it’s your second viewing of a wedding venue, you should consider taking someone whose diverse perspectives and ideas you value, like your bestie, especially if you’re attending multiple venues.

Visit Hayne House Wedding venue Open day in Kent
Open day at Hayne House – Photo Courtesy of Jade Greeenbrooke Photography

Six tips for making the most of a Wedding Venue Open Day:

  1. Plan Ahead: Research the venue and its offerings before the Open Day to ask informed questions. Don’t forget to bring your list with you, and if you don’t get a chance to ask all your questions, drop an email after your visit, as others are bound to come to you.
  2. Take Notes and Pictures: Capture details and features that stand out to help with future decision-making.
  3. Engage with Vendors: Speak with vendors and note down contact details.
  4. Ask for Clarification: Don’t hesitate to ask about anything that is unclear or needs further explanation.
  5. Interact with other couples. Why not chat with other couples, especially if they have already booked the wedding venue?
  6. Be open-minded about dates. Try to be open-minded about dates. How terrible would it be if you fell in love with a wedding venue and your date is already taken!

In conclusion, attending a Wedding Venue Open Day or Open House is a valuable step in the wedding planning process. It allows you to explore options, gain insights, and make informed decisions about your dream wedding venue. Embrace the opportunity to step into the magical world of a wedding venue where your wedding journey begins.

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