To Video or Not To Video Your Wedding at Hayne House?

We’re Nick & Catherine, a husband and wife filmmaking team. Our film style is elegant and romantic, we aim to be discrete on your wedding day and blend in with guests.  | 

Why should you hire a videographer?

More and more couples are choosing to have a videographer at their weddings. For a while, couples saw it as ‘long old school documentary style’ video that their parents would have had, with the videographer turning up with huge cameras! 

Thankfully times have now changed. At Rix Weddings – Wedding Videographers we aim to create a beautifully romantic film of your day at your wedding venue that we hope you will be able to watch for years and years to come and relive each memory of your special day!

Also, you will be pleased to hear that cameras have gotten a lot smaller now, so we blend right in! While watching your day we hope that each sound and visual, inside and outside in the gardens will bring back the memory and emotion of your wedding day. It is lovely to be able to share with family and also any guests who are unable to attend. We also love the idea of one-day couples being able to share with their grandchildren!

why you should hire a videographer/should you get a videographer for your wedding | Hayne House

Is it worth having a videographer at your wedding or renewal of vows?

This is a question that many couples ask before and those that don’t have a videographer often say it was their biggest regret! 

It is the biggest most amazing day of your life and one that you will hopefully always want to look back on and remember each moment.

Having a photographer at your wedding is hugely important as they capture all the moments from your day for you to print out and enjoy in your home. But one thing they cannot do is capture the vows you said, the funny best man’s speech or the first moment you first saw each other as the bride or groom walks down the brand new wedding aisle to the Pavilion or inside the Orangery. These are the moments that unless captured on your day you will never get back. As newlyweds ourselves, we feel like investing in a photographer and videographer is the best thing you can do, everything else will be gone after but these will be with you forever. 

why you should hire a videographer/should you get a videographer for your wedding | Hayne House

Will you film our whole day?

Yes! We film everything on your wedding day – from the bride getting ready, your ceremony, speeches in the Garden Room, first dance in the Orangery and everything in between! 

We offer two different packages, the first is a highlight film which effectively is a highlight of your whole day. These are the best moments of your day and one that we feel all your friends and family will enjoy watching to remember all the love and excitement on the day.

The other is a feature film, this is a longer video with almost all the clips from your wedding. This is good if you want to watch everything captured, which on a wedding day is a lot! As videographers we feel the importance of capturing all your wedding ceremony and all your speeches, so we do these as additional videos. These are great to share with anyone that couldn’t be there on your day as they can re-watch those key moments of your day.  

why you should hire a videographer/should you get a videographer for your wedding | Hayne House

How do you know which moments to include from your wedding day in the video?

The most important part of the wedding video is the ability to watch it back and be able to relive it each time. Even though the outline of every wedding is very similar, every couple has the opportunity to make theirs unique! We spend time before each wedding getting to know the couple and each part of their day.

Our aim is to really understand the wedding venue and have the couples characteristics come through whether that be romantic, fun, adventurous or just a bit of everything!

We love getting to know what they really want in their final video. Whether that be the confetti (that they spent hours making), their grandparents (played a huge part in their life and want to remember them), the gardens, the styling in the Orangery, delicious food, or just the love and fun of the day. (that is always included!) We hope that by including these personal details when they watch it back, they will remember each and every part and the memories behind. 

why you should hire a videographer/should you get a videographer for your wedding | Hayne House

What about the music choice and how do we watch the wedding video?

One of the hardest jobs as a videographer for your wedding is picking the music to work with the wedding footage captured, this can take anywhere from an hour to over a week!

The music has to be from one of our licensed libraries, it takes so long because we always want to pick the right song for each couple. By getting to know you beforehand and on your wedding day, we feel that we can choose the right song that reflects you as a couple. 

We hope that you’ll want to share your wedding video after you receive and we make this very simple for you! We deliver an online gallery with all your videos, you are able to watch, download, share as much as you would like! 

why you should hire a videographer/should you get a videographer for your wedding | Hayne House

What is our favourite season to film at Hayne House?

One of the really good things at Hayne House is the beautiful Orangery, which is a perfect wedding venue for all times of the year. It can be light and airy in the summer or snug and with the underfloor heating cosy in the winter. Which is perfect for whichever time of year you have chosen.

Our personal favourite has to be a summer wedding. With the option to get married outside in the new Pavilion with the gorgeous views and summer air, is an opportunity not to be missed! The gardens are designed and kept so beautifully that not only will you have stunning photos and videos there, but your guests will enjoy wandering around during cocktail hour.

One of our favourite places to take couples is the walkway in the entrance, it is such a versatile walkway with the trees and lovely lights at night. We have filmed in the sunshine, rain and at dusk and each time it just works perfectly! 

why you should hire a videographer/should you get a videographer for your wedding | Hayne House

What is the best styling when capturing a wedding video at Hayne House? 

The natural look and styling of The Orangery with the large windows and glass doors, which can be open on a beautiful day, is a perfect blank canvas for styling. It can really portray you both as a couple and you have so much freedom to put your own stamp on it. 

We love turning up on the morning of your wedding and seeing the eco-chic Orangery transformed. When watching a wedding video, the most important thing when filming detail is movement! Without movement you may as well just be taking a photo!

In the Orangery, you can have the doors wide open and when the breeze comes in it helps add life to your flowers. In our opinion you can never go wrong with too many flowers! It can help transform any part of the room and brings the views of the garden outside, inside.

It is a real personal touch for each couple, and we would suggest hiring a stylist if the thought of decorating the space isn’t your favourite thing! 

why you should hire a videographer/should you get a videographer for your wedding | Hayne House
Image by Rebecca Carpenter

What are some colours that work well in The Orangery? 

When filming in the Orangery we are extremely lucky, the amazing light makes any colour choice look beautiful. If you have a particular colour scheme you want to go for, we are almost sure it will work well! Our favourite colours are natural greens with a pop of colour, just because it pulls the garden in – like dining alfresco. 

When editing your wedding video the colours have a large part to play in the style of the day. More muted lighter shades give a slower more relaxed feel to the day, whereas if you picked vibrant bold colours, we would give a faster-paced fun video! We do chat to each couple beforehand to get to know them so they can tell us also the style that they would be looking for. 

Looking for a bright light wedding venue that is a videographers dream for catching all those romantic moments? Book a viewing at Hayne House or contact us for a quote!