Sustainably Stylish: Your Eco-Honeymoon

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Welcome back to the Hayne House blog and our brand-new series of how-to wedding plan with two things in mind:

Style and Sustainability.

Our next thing to tackle is – Your Honeymoon!

You might be wondering that acting sustainably means you have to forego tropical islands and summer sun. However, that is not always the case, we think you can do this somewhat ethically, you might just need to spend a bit longer planning.

We have broken down for you some great places to go and some great things to keep in mind.

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Look out for a hotel/resort’s sustainability policy:

If a company features this heavily on their social media or website, you know they are taking sustainability seriously. However, you are venturing on your honeymoon so don’t be afraid to ask them questions to find out more about where they at. This will also help you gage whether they are just ‘greenwashing’ or whether they actually care about being ethical.

Some things to ask or look out for:

  • Can someone chat through their sustainability policy with you?
  • Are they carbon neutral, or are they working towards it?
  • What are their accreditations/certifications if they claim to have any?
  • What are they doing on a day-by-day basis to help the environment?
  • What are their energy sources?
  • Are they doing anything with the local community or local economy?
  • Are they helping make a difference to wider legislation or impact their sector?
  • What does their supply chain look like? I.e., where does the food they serve come from?

Have you considered a mini-moon?

Mini-moons are becoming the new normal, with couples opting to stay more local and get away just after their big day. If you choose to stay in the UK, you can think about your transport and utilise trains to get you to your destination rather than driving or flying. They are a great alternative to get away quickly, without the stress of a big holiday and usually the more cost-effective option. We say get creative! Choose an activity such as camping under the stars or mountain climbing to start your married life with a bang.

Some lovely spots in the UK for a mini-moon are:

Combe Park Lodge

Pentireglaze West Cottage

Beech Estate Campsite

Credit - Catherine Hill

 Only do activities which don’t harm the environment: 

When you go on your honeymoon, couples in their newly wed bliss like to take on all sorts of adventures. However, when dealing with activities with animals or when buying gifts to take back home it is key to avoid buying anything from animals encase, they are endangered, or it was obtained cruelly.

To do different activities, it is better to come away from the tourist areas and experience local. Our key tip is to get yourself a walking tour guide who knows the place well!

Offsetting, what even is it?

Why not carbon offset your honeymoon? By offsetting we mean you work out exactly how much CO2 that will be generated by your honeymoon and then choose a company that will put out more O2 than CO2 into the atmosphere. Therefore, your trip becomes carbon neutral. Working out CO2 omitted by your trip is easy, we highly recommended offsetting with Ecologi (we use these to offset our Hayne House commuting!)

If you still want to jet away to somewhere more tropical, this might be the perfect option for you.

Credit - Olegs Samsonovs

Think about travel:

 There is always lots of travel involved in your honeymoon. So, our top tip is to take public transport where you can. Depending on where you go you can get buses, water taxis or trains, which are all better for the environment than a single car journey or a flight.

However, when you are at your destination, try to walk or cycle to as many places as possible. Trust us when you will get a real experience of the city you visit this way as well!

Are you vegan and worried about travelling? Read the ultimate guide here!

As always, we can’t wait to see your eco honeymoon pictures so make sure to send us a snap whilst away!