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Raise A Glass: A Delicious Wine Tasting Experience at Hayne House

Planning a wedding involves a plethora of decisions, ranging from selecting the perfect venue to curating an exquisite wedding day menu. 

Among these choices, the selection of wine often takes a back seat, yet it plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall dining experience. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing the right wine, especially if you’re not an avid wine drinker, you’re not alone.

Navigating the vast world of wine can be daunting, with countless grape varieties and wines from every corner of the globe to consider. However, the wines you select can do more than just accompany your wedding meal; they can elevate the entire guests’ wedding day experience whilst reinforcing your wedding theme.

This is where a booked couple attending a wine tasting after your food tasting at Hayne House becomes invaluable. Once you have chosen your menu we recommend attending one of our wine tasting evenings.  By attending a wine tasting you will gain expert insight and experience firsthand how various wines complement different dishes, and you can make informed decisions that will enhance not only your dining experience but also that of your guests.  Therefore at Hayne House, we believe that investing time in a wine-tasting session can make all the difference in creating a memorable and enjoyable wedding celebration.

Wine in ice buckets for a wine tasting experience at Hayne House

Ten compelling reasons why attending a wine tasting is important after finalising your wedding menu:

  1. taste buds, selecting the appropriate wine enhances the flavours and elevates your dining experience. Attending a wine tasting allows you to sample different white, rose and red wines to find the perfect pairings that complement the flavours of each of your chosen course
  2. Personalised Experience: Every couple has unique tastes and preferences when it comes to wine. Whether you prefer a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a full-bodied Merlot, attending a wine tasting provides an opportunity to explore a variety of options including our carefully curated House Wines and select wines that resonate with your palate.
  3. Enhance the Atmosphere: Wine has the power to enhance the ambiance of your wedding reception. From sparkling wines that add a touch of elegance choosing the right wines can good wine pairing will make your event even more special and create lasting memories for everyone.
  4. Ensure Quality: Tasting wines before your wedding ensures that you select high-quality options that meet your standards. By sampling wines firsthand, you can assess their aroma, taste, and overall quality, ensuring that only the finest wines are served on your special day.
  5. Going Kentish.  If you’re planning a wedding here in Kent a wine-tasting evening is the perfect time to try local wines and give your guests a locally sourced wine pairing.
  6. Know your wedding guests.  Attending a wine tasting gives you time to think about your guest list.  Are there many passionate wine drinkers (people who consider the wine as important as the food) or would you characterise your crowd as occasional wine drinkers? Cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, and chardonnay are firm favourites for the latter.
  7. Consider what percentage of white, rose, and red. Your wine allocation depends on how many guests you have attending. At Hayne House, we recommend a half bottle of wine per adult. If you are planning a summer wedding we recommend 1/3rd White, 1/3rd Rose, and 1/3rd red wine but for a winter Staycation wedding drop the rose.
  8. Confidence in Selections: Attending a wine tasting gives you confidence in your wine selections and allows you to make informed decisions about the wines served at your wedding. You’ll feel assured knowing that the wines chosen complement your menu and reflect your tastes.
  9. Interactive Experience: Wine tastings offer a fun and interactive experience for couples You’ll have the opportunity to engage with a knowledgeable sommelier who can provide valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring that your wine selections are both enjoyable and memorable. While enjoying canapés by Scott Anderson we also invite other suppliers and you get to experience the Orangery at night.
  10. Feeling uncertain about which wines to choose? Let your personal preferences and values guide you. Consider selecting wines that hold sentimental significance or align with your wedding’s theme and values. For instance, if you’re prioritising eco-friendly options, opt for wines that reflect sustainability and environmental consciousness. Remember, your loved ones want nothing more than to see you happy on your special day, so choose wines that resonate with you and contribute to the joyful atmosphere you’re creating.

At Hayne House, our expertise in organising weddings and events spans over 10 years. We understand firsthand what it takes to make your special day truly unforgettable, and that includes offering a complimentary group wine-tasting evening to enhance your experience.  The team firmly believes attending a wine tasting after your food tasting should be essential for creating a memorable wedding dining experience. 

Couples at a Wine Tasting Experience at Hayne House Kent England

Frequently asked questions about our wine-tasting evenings

Why attend a wine-tasting evening at Hayne House?

It’s an opportunity to discover new flavours and expand your palate! Usually, if you want to try a new wine, you’d have to purchase a whole bottle. But what if it doesn’t quite meet your expectations? At a wine tasting, you have the freedom to sample a variety of wines without the commitment of buying a full bottle. So, you can explore and find your new favourite wine hassle-free!

Can we bring our parents or friends with us?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to bring guests along for the wine tasting. Just be sure to let us know in advance so we can accommodate everyone comfortably. Your booking includes a wine tasting for two, but please note that there will be a charge for additional guests.

Canapes at a wine tasting experience at hayne House in kent

Do we need to choose the wines we want to try in advance?  

Not at all! There’s no need to decide which wines to choose beforehand. When you arrive, a professional sommelier will introduce you to a range of wines and talk you through why you might choose them for your wedding.

How long is the wine tasting?

The wine-tasting experience typically lasts around an hour and a half. This time frame allows for a leisurely exploration of our wine offerings and an opportunity to tour the venue and address any general questions.

Do we need to make a final choice on the wines at the tasting?

No, you’re not required to make any final decisions on the evening of the wine tasting. However, it’s helpful to narrow down your preferences as much as possible during the tasting session but we do offer various special offers if you can make your selection in the evening.

Afterward, we’ll follow up with an email detailing our discussions, including your choices and any cost per head if you upgrade your wines or bubbles. We typically aim to finalise your drinks package six weeks before your wedding during your Final Details Meeting, once you have confirmed your final guest numbers.

Canapes supplied by Scott Anderson for the wine tasting experience at hayne house kent

What better way to discover your preferences than by indulging in a wide array of wines?  From perfect pairings to personalised selections, wine tastings provide valuable insights and ensure that the wines served on your special day exceed expectations. So, raise a glass and toast to a wedding celebration filled with delicious food, wines, and cherished memories. Cheers!

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