The best Kent entertainment, let’s celebrate in style!

Credit - Olegs Samsonovs

We all love a bouncy castle or two, no matter what age! With weddings at Hayne House, we love weddings with a twist. So, you can relax with your photographer, knowing your guests are going to be wowed by some of the best Kent entertainment.

No more boring drink receptions here!


Hire a Hoodini

Magic isn’t just clowns and tomfoolery, some of the best entertainment we have seen has been magicians. They have the versatility of either entertaining a crowd or just a few people. Our biggest tip would be to have different kinds of magicians performing different types of magic, especially if you have a large guest list. This works perfectly during your drink’s reception or during the evening, and we strongly recommend Chris Harding.

Sparkles & Glitter

Anything to add more glitz and glam to your day is always a must! Eco-friendly glitter bar, Queen Mab, use biodegradable glitter to make the most gorgeous designs on faces or bodies. Think about your evening festivities and how cool this will look in your photos! We would suggest having this throughout your day and then you are glam and ready for the party.

Credit - Olly Knight

Get your paint on!

Want to remember your wedding day in a different way? By having an artist live paint your venue or draw a special moment means you can capture your day and have it as a keepsake. We love The Artful Doodler, who creates caricatures of you and your guests, just think about where you can hang them after your day is over!

Pitch Perfect

Has it always been your dream to have a sing or dance-off? Then your wedding might just be the perfect place to do it! The bridal party vs the groomsmen party is always a fun bit of competition which your other guests love to see. Whether you want to be the next Beyonce or show off your lockdown dances, now is your time!

Prop me up!

Have you ever wanted to have the ultimate photoshoot whilst looking super glam on your wedding day? Then a photo booth is a must-have! You and your guests can get your pose faces on with hundreds of props and make lots of hilarious snapshot memories. At Hayne House, we simply love the team at Memories Magic Mirror!