Guest Blog: Locate to Create

My Pinterest board is overflowing, where do I go from here and how do I pull it all together without spending a fortune?


Don’t worry that’s where I can help.

I’m Holly, founder and creator of Locate to Create Prop Hire and Event Styling.  I have a strong background in event styling and have worked closely with many couples that are often worried about which direction to take regarding décor and table styling. With a fine eye for detail, creativity and innovative ideas my team and I can help to create a cohesive wedding styled around your vision and or Pinterest board.

The Orangery at Hayne House is one of my favourite venues to style. It really doesn’t matter what time of year you choose, as there is always an abundance of year-round natural light. Vintage, rustic and Boho are kind of our thing, and the Orangery really suites these styles along with many others including modern, glitzy and festival.

One trend, which we think is here to stay, is the desire to bring the outside in. This style is very achievable in an Orangery, with the ability to throw open vast glass doors which at Hayne House open directly onto the lovely gardens. Encourage your guests to mix and mingle whilst having fun by incorporating our outdoor seating and chill out zones as well as garden games.

It’s important that your table settings reflect your personality, style or theme in an organised, uncluttered way.  It’s very easy to over dress a table scape. Often couples come to Locate to Create looking for advice on what works. I get very excited about helping couples with their tables and can advise on what styles suite certain settings and tables whether they are rustic wooden or round and table clothed. One of my favourite table settings which really suited the Orangery is our Boho package with its array of different colours and subtle theming.

The vast majority of Locate to Create items are Vintage and continue to be enjoyed by lots of our couples. Sustainability is important to us, all the team at Locate to Create enjoy finding ways to repurpose items and to think ‘out of the box’ regarding their usage. For example, our salvaged VW van frontage has been beautifully upcycled and can now be used as a quirky cake stand, Gin bar, glitter station or anything else you can think of.

Other reasons to engage Locate to Create as stylist can include:

  • Save Money – Many couples spend a fortune buying items for their tables and décor without really knowing how much they will need. We already have a large number of props for your needs which can be hired rather than bought, and we are happy to advise on quantities you may require. Check out our inventory on
  • Save Time – We have various styling packages to suit your needs and take away the stress of setting up ( it always takes longer than you think), allowing you and family members to relax and enjoy the day.
  • Problem Solving – We like to think we go above and beyond and have helped with various on the day issues such as sewing bridesmaids into their dresses when the zips have broken! Rushing to the church with confetti bowls, forgotten by the bridal party and even making flower displays when there’s been a problem with the florist.

For more inspiration on how to style a wedding within an Orangery visit our Gallery page on our website  . You will also find a full list of our Props and other services available.

For a free consultation call us on 07718140217 or send us an email detailing your requirements to