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Decisions, decisions…how do I choose the perfect engagement ring?

Wow, you’ve decided to pop the question? Firstly…congratulations! Making the decision to propose to your partner, no matter how long you’ve been together, is a huge leap in the relationship.

Selecting a ring your partner will love is exciting, but unsurprisingly it can also be stressful and daunting. There’s a whole myriad of styles, stones, shapes and sizes to baffle you. This is going to be the most significant jewellery purchase you will make in your lifetime. Fear not …we aim to make your life a little easier with our simple guide.

Lawley Design
Photo by Matt Ebbage

Know your audience – Take a look at your partner’s style and consider their personality. Take a peek at their current jewellery collection. Do they prefer chic, elegant modern, simple, pieces?  Are they quirky and individual? Do they have a passion for all things vintage? Having said all this, some may prefer a more traditional, classical and timeless engagement ring… just like parents or grandparents. If you want a second opinion, consult besties, or mother-in-law (to be). The ring should reflect your partners personality and tell your shared story.

Size it up – If you can, try to borrow a dress ring and use a ring sizer to measure it, or take it to the jeweller you intend to buy from to find out the size. You could always buy a dress ring as a present; something your partner can wear day-to-day and use the size of that to determine the size. This will avoid suspicion if your proposal is a surprise. There is no point trying to guess someone else’s finger size; most rings can be sized efficiently if needed.

Consider your budget – So, how much should you spend on an engagement ring? Sure, we’ve all heard the ‘rule’ about allocating 2 or 3 monthly paychecks to splash out on the sparkler. The perfect ring needn’t follow this old-fashioned rule…it’s more about your partners style and the sentiment after all. That said, try to be mindful that this piece of jewellery will be worn and admired every day, so it’s no time for penny pinching either – this ring will be a permanent fixture on your partners finger.

Diamonds (or other gemstones) are forever – The quality of any diamond follows the 4 C’s…Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity. To some people, having the largest rock on their finger will have the most importance. Others may value sparkle and prefer a smaller stone of a higher overall quality. Some may hold the shape as the most crucial element (Emerald Cut, Princess, Round, Radiant to name a few). Consider whether they would prefer diamonds, or do they have a favourite gemstone (or birthstone)?  Again, ask the BFF or Mums for advice if you’re not sure.

A happy bunny – Equally as important, you’ll need to consider the quality and carat of their preferred precious metal. Gold comes in three different colours: Yellow, White and Red (Rose), which has become very popular over the last few years. Platinum is often preferred for durability. It’s the hardest and heaviest precious metal per gram and will stand the test of time (in a well-designed ring and properly looked after).

The Polished Pro – You’re now ready to splash your cash and your final decision is where to make your important purchase. There are a vast number of retailers to choose from. Shop around and don’t panic buy. Very few jewellers make rings from scratch these days. It’s a highly skilled craft and takes years of experience. Most jewellers use castings and offer mass produced jewellery. Contrary to some people’s perception, traditional handmade jewellery needn’t be more expensive than high street jewellery.

What is special and an advantage of choosing Lawley Fine Jewellers to make your engagement or wedding rings?

If you do decide to have a custom-made ring, designed and crafted by us, you can be assured that every handmade piece has been made lovingly, with attention to detail and is a unique piece…and a real conversation starter.

You are welcome to visit the studio and we can help with some of your decision making of your chosen design, and, when the time comes, you can both come and make your own wedding rings together with us with one of our unique experience days.

Remember, your rings are a symbol and constant reminder of the love and commitment that you cherish together. Making your wedding bands together will add even more magic to your very special day and be a talking point for years to come.

About Us: Lawley Fine Jewellers

Lawley Fine Jewellers is a small family business, run by partners Andy and H. Our studio is located on the Kent Science Park, surrounded by countryside and just outside Sittingbourne in North Kent.

Here at Lawley Fine Jewellers, we design and craft handmade bespoke jewellery, in the traditional way. We specialise in engagement, wedding and Mokume Gane rings.

Every ring starts its journey here from a bar of bullion. From our relaxing studio, we put you first and give you an experience to remember; you can even get involved in the making of your future heirloom.

We use many traditional crafting techniques to bring our designs to life. Our aim is to produce jewellery to be treasured and loved by you, and by generations to come.

We would love to be part of your story. Be part of ours x