Spring into the Cherry Blossom Season

At Hayne House, we understand that choosing the right season to get married can be a bit of a debate.

Are you a teacher so need to book your wedding during school vacations? Or is the date important to you? Or does your star sign play a role in your decision making? Is someone only able to be in the UK on certain dates?

For us being lovers of all thing green and sustainable, here at Hayne House, we like to embrace every season and go with what makes every month special.

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Why choose Spring for your wedding?

One of the many benefits of a Spring wedding is the sense of freshness and newness which works perfectly for weddings as you are beginning your new journey together. Colour also plays an important role for us as it enables our couples to embrace the colours of the season and in April the cherry trees, (or sakura in Japanese) that line the drive at the entrance to the Hayne Barn Estate, burst into blossom, referred to by the Japanese as Hanami!

We believe it’s the perfect time to infuse your spring wedding with some Japanese inspired elements and embrace some romantic oriental details.

Here are a few blessings to consider when opting for a Spring wedding:

  • the spring bulbs have pushed their way up and the gardens are dazzled with the first of the years flowers, daffodils, tulips and sweet scented hyacinths
  • it’s predominantly a more affordable time of year to tie the knot
  • there are usually two Bank Holidays in May, so perfect for inviting guests down for a long weekend of celebration that could include checking into a local B&B before or after your wedding
  • more daylight hours so more time for photos
  • although not guaranteed, you are more likely to have better weather
  • it’s not peak wedding season, which can mean more dates available at your chosen venue
  • after the bleak winter, there is suddenly a vast array of flowers available to you for your bouquet, bridesmaids and tablespaces etc.
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How do you know which venue is right for us?

If you are planning on a spring wedding then we recommend you visit your potential wedding venue in the month you are considering and go for a venue that not only offers you an indoor contingency but one that is light and bright, where your Japanese inspired wedding isn’t competing with the carpets and curtains.

What Spring flowers should I choose?

After choosing the perfect eco-chic wedding venue and your dress we understand that choosing your wedding flowers can be such an exciting part of planning your wedding. The best advice is to have fun with your flowers. With our green hats on we recommend using what is in season and locally grown or you could hire in pink silk blossom trees and celebrate the ‘Japanese’ season here in Kent.

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How do you decide which colours work best together for your spring wedding?

Colour has a huge significance on your style of wedding and to help choose your perfect colour scheme, it is important to understand what type of atmosphere you are trying to create. By producing a mood board or using Pinterest, this will help give you the inspiration to personalise your wedding.

What details could you include for a more romantic spring wedding?

Well now you are asking – we are so excited:

  • Pastel or bright pink shoes, that are only revealed as you take your first steps down the aisle – check!
  • Pastel or bright pink ties against beautiful blue suits for the groomsmen –check!
  • Pastel and bright pink ribbons flowing in the breeze as you throw your arm up to celebrate your marriage – check!
  • Pastel and bright pink and tapering candles gently burning down as you sit down to dinner with your family and friends –check!
  • A white cake with delicate cherry blossom flowers tied with a hot pink vintage silk ribbon – check!
  • Favours – add a touch of Easter, charm them with scrumptious pink foil-wrapped mini eggs
  • Table Plans: Use place names, numbers or themes that are personal to you
  • Hair: why not ask your florist to create a floral crown to match/ compliment to your bouquet?
  • Cake: make a statement with a mad hatter tea cake
  • Confetti: go biodegradable cherry blossom pink, or real rose petals, or ask about our beautiful dried confetti

Oh goodness we could go pastel and hot pink mad, but why wouldn’t you? It’s so romantic!

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What type of food should I choose for a Spring wedding?

At Hayne House, we would celebrate Spring with all things green, fresh and seasonal. Working with our handpicked caterers Andersons you could include asparagus, fresh peas, the first strawberries of the year!

How can we entertain our guests during the cocktail hour?

We recommend fun outdoor games to keep everyone entertained – after all its not been nice enough for months!

Whilst guests enjoy your carefully chosen, delicious canapés, we recommended:

  • a refreshing glass of Mojito made with fresh mint, rum and zesty limes and cooling soda water served on the manicured lawns
  • edible flowers dropped into your Prosecco
  • for guests not drinking alcohol, a strawberry and elderflower mocktail full of bursting seasonal sweetness.
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Thinking about your cherry blossom infused wedding? Book a viewing at Hayne House and view our beautiful quintessential English Cottage Garden set amongst the Kent countryside.